Meet Romi

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Some dogs look like their owners or famous people. Some dogs look like other animals such as a bear cub or a wolf. This is the story of a dog that looks like a city!

Once upon a time, a cute and fun-loving puppy arrived at the Royal Oak Animal Shelter. A sharp-eyed volunteer noticed the little dog looked just like a map of the City of Royal Oak and the pup was given the name Romi -- for Royal Oak (RO), Michigan (MI). 

Shelter volunteers tried very hard to find the lost pup's family. They fed and loved Romi and watched as the pooch grew bigger and bigger. When no one showed up to take Romi home, city employees officially adopted the tail-wagger and the rest is history.


Romi is now the official mascot of Royal Oak.

Romi loves our walkable community and its many parks, parades and events. We can’t wait for you to meet Royal Oak’s new best friend!

Romi Gets Dog License

Romi gets his dog license

Romi Visits City Hall

Romi at City Hall

Romi visits the library

Image of the city mascot, a large white dog named Romi, with kids at the library.

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