Membership Levels

The Royal Oak Nature Society membership season begins in September and ends the following August. There are four membership levels.

General Membership

General Membership is free, and with it you get Nature Society schedule updates emailed to you at least once a month.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership costs $5 per year and gets you the General membership benefit, along with four editions of our newsletter of “The Chinquapin” mailed or emailed to you.

Supporting Membership

Supporting Membership is $10 and up per year, and gets you the General and Associate membership benefits plus being listed as a Supporting Member in our newsletter.

Patron Membership

Patron Membership is $50 and up per year and gets you the General and Associate membership benefits listed above, listed as a patron in our newsletter, one free ticket to our annual fundraiser and an invitation to our "Day Before the Dream Cruise Picnic" at Gunn Dyer Park.

Become a Member

To become or to continue being a Nature Society Associate, Supporting or Patron member, please complete our Membership Form (PDF) and send it, along with a check to the Nature Society (address is shown on the form). Please be sure to mark on the form if you want your newsletter sent by regular mail or to your email address. Newsletters sent by email have better print quality, and the pictures are in color.

To become a General Member, email us and let us know that you want to become a General Member, and include your name(s), complete street address and email address.

Donations are tax deductible.

Those who choose not to continue as members are still welcome to come to our monthly speaker programs as well as our nature walks. Those programs and walks are, and always will be, free to anyone who enjoys learning about nature.