We are looking for some serious dog foster families. We are a very small shelter and are almost always full with dogs (we only have 8 kennels). By providing one of our dogs your home, you will not only be helping us by freeing up kennels, but helping a dog transition faster and more easily into his new, permanent home.

If you are interested in fostering, please be aware that you will most likely be fostering an adult, large-breed dog (i.e. Shepherd's, Labs, Pits). Many of these dogs have little or no training, so by taking the time to foster a dog, you will help teach him some much needed obedience and manners! Most of the dogs are young adults, but on occasion, we may have an older puppy (8 months, e.g.); very, very rarely we may get a young puppy (3 months).

Be aware that you might be fostering the dog for a period of several weeks or even months and if you need to return the dog for any reason before he is adopted, there may be a wait if cage space is not available. We are looking for "long-term" fostering (e.g. a few weeks to a month), not just a weekend or overnight sleep-overs. Also, we are not responsible for any damages that may occur while the dog is in your possession.

How It Works

Before the dog leaves for his "vacation" at your house, we will take his picture and put his profile on our site (if it's not there already). When we get interested applicants, we will make an appointment for the dog and family to meet. If everything goes well and the family is approved, you will have to say "good-bye" to your new friend. When you are ready, you may foster another dog from the shelter. What happens if you fall in love and cant part with the dog you have? Let us know before we begin appointments and we'll go through the adoption process with you!

Still interested? Sounds like fun, doesn't it? Take them shopping, let them sleep in your bed, take them out on walks in the neighborhood - we know the dogs will appreciate anything and everything you do for them! We will provide food, medical care, and any other equipment (crates, leashes, etc.) you might need. Download our foster form with more info; fill it out and return it to the shelter.

Click Here to download our foster form.