Fire Department


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Department Overview

The Fire Department strives to protect and preserve life and property through fire suppression and prevention, education, and emergency medical services. The City's three fire stations are strategically located to provide the shortest possible response time to all areas of the City.

The department responds to thousands of incidents involving fire alarms, emergency medical and public assistance. Fire personnel is also responsible for maintenance and repair of fire stations, fire trucks and vehicles, and fire apparatus.

Annually, the department inspects the City's target hazards including schools, gas stations, nursing homes and hospitals. The City's 1,400+ fire hydrants are inspected for leakage and general operating condition. Hydrants are also flow-tested and pumped on a cyclical basis.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Royal Oak Fire Department is to protect the lives and property within the City of Royal Oak by reducing the effects of fire, medical emergencies, hazardous materials incidents, technical rescue emergencies, and disasters. Our department will provide a proactive highly trained professional emergency service for the City to conduct Fire Prevention, Fire Inspection, Fire Investigation, Fire Suppression, Advanced Emergency Medical Treatment and Transport, Mitigation of Hazardous Materials Accidents, Technical Rescue Response, Public CPR and Fire Safety Education.

Our mission will include:

  1. Prevention of fire through proactive public education, inspections, investigation, and fire code enforcement.
  2. Rapid response for the suppression of fire with highly trained, well equipped professional firefighters.
  3. Provide Advanced Life Support treatment and transport of the sick and injured to area hospitals.
  4. Mitigate the effects of Hazardous Materials accidents on human life and the environment.
  5. Provide a highly trained Technical Rescue Team for incidents of Confined Space, Trench Rescue, and Building Collapse emergencies.
  6. Provide emergency services to reduce injuries or death in incidents of disaster (natural or man made).
  7. Treating the public with professionalism, respect, kindness, and courtesy.