Fees & Services


Information on Lost Pets, Feral Cats, Wild Animals, Kitten Season, Owner Surrendering, and additional fees and services can be found on the Royal Oak Animal Shelter portion of the Pet finder site. The shelter wants your pets to be cherished family members for their entire lifetimes. Please be aware that adoption is a lifetime commitment and should be taken very seriously. The Royal Oak Animal Shelter reserves the right to deny an adoption if the applicant is deemed not to be able to provide an appropriate home for the animal under consideration. The adoption process at the Royal Oak Animal Shelter is as follows:

  1. Come into the Shelter to meet our many wonderful animals
  2. Fill-out an adoption application
  3. Dogs must be temperament tested together to ensure compatibility
  4. Application will be reviewed and approved by Shelter manager
  5. The adoption is completed when fees are paid and appropriate paperwork signed and processed

To help expedite the adoption process, the animal shelter has a preliminary adoption questionnaire, available on the pet finder site. You will also see a link for the questionnaire on every pet finder pet profile. The purpose of the form is to speed up the process by allowing the shelter to review some basic information; come in to the shelter and fill out an adoption application.

Adoption Fees

Kitten (not fixed)
Kitten (fixed)
Dog (standard)
Dog (small breed)
Dog (toy or pure breed)
Sterilization deposit

*By law we are required to charge a sterilization deposit on all unsterilized animals leaving the shelter; this deposit is refundable once the owner provides proof of sterilization within the appropriated time frame.

The adoption fees reflect the included costs of standard vaccinations and medical exams, spay/neuter, grooming, and flea control treatment, where appropriate.

"Transfer fees" apply to animals that are being transferred to the custody of another shelter or animal rescue organization. The fee will apply only when the animal has already received vaccinations; no fee for unvaccinated animals.

Pick Up Fees*

1st pick up
2nd pick up
3rd pick up
Stray boarding

* "Pick up fees" apply when the the owner of a lost animal is picked up by animal control and housed at the shelter. The owner will need to pay the fee to before he or she can get an animal back.