2010 Awards

Lifetime Achievement Award

The 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner is Tim Turner. Tim, past president of the Nature Society, became our president in 2005 and immediately got us geared up to start raising funds for future projects. He helped create our first fundraiser. It was held in at the Senior/Community Center in April, 2006. It was so successful that it was moved to a larger venue, the Royal Elks Club. Ever since then it has become an annual event.

President's Award

The 2010 President's Award Winners are Pat and Ray Coleman. Pat and Ray are professional photographers and have been an integral part of the Nature Society since its inception. They have done four speaker programs for us over the years entertaining us with their great nature photography. They also teach nature photography at our annual Open Houses.

Chinquapin Award

The 2010 Chinquapin Award Winner is Perry Gentner of Machine Works. Perry has used his earth moving equipment to rebuild Tenhave Wood’s vernal pond in the fall of 2005 and created a vernal pond from scratch in Cummingston in the fall of 2008.