2017 Awards

The Robert Gasiorowski Lifetime Achievement winner for 2017 is Nature Society President, Don Drife

Don Drife has been active in the Nature Society since its inception.  Don was the first person called by Bob Muller when Bob was studying the feasibility of reviving the Royal Oak nature program that was active back in the 1970's. He and Bob provided the Society's first trial speaker programs and nature walks.  People showed an interest and the Royal Oak Nature Society was born.  Don continues to provide new programs as a speaker almost every year.  Don has served as the Society's botanist and freely shares his knowledge of all aspects of Nature by leading nature walks covering plants and birds, as well as doing owl hoots. He has helped with all of our fundraisers and has served as Nature Society president since 2010.  Our newsletters often have articles written by Don.  He also helps with many of the work projects in the nature parks and the arboretum.  It is also fitting for him to receive this award as Robert Gasiorowski was Don's high school environmental science teacher back in the 1970's.

The President's Award winner for 2017 is the Hawkins family, Nature Society members

The Hawkins family, Cole & Priscilla plus their two grandchildren, Nate and Elliot Sachs, have faithfully maintained the bird feeders in Tenhave Woods and the Arboretum. This activity adds to the enjoyment of winter visits to these areas. They also helped us with park patrol, checking for Tenhave fence breaches and looking for trail blockage.  Cole and Priscilla have also been involved with some of our work projects.  It is contributions such as these that keep the Society functioning.

The Chinquapin Award winner for 2017 is Nature Society member, Doris Walters

Doris has assisted the Royal Oak Nature Society in many different ways.  When she is not at her place up north, she answers our call when there are work projects that need to be done.  She has been involved with our garlic mustard pulls in Tenhave Woods, gardening and helping to keep our trails clear of weeds in our arboretum, Tenhave fence patrol, our annual fundraiser, and with the cleanup of the never ending trash that ends up in the arboretum.  We are always in need of volunteers like Doris in order to make sure that our three parks (Cummingston, Tenhave & Royal Oak Arboretum) stay in good shape.