Art Explored

Art Explored is a program of the Royal Oak Commission for the Arts (ROCFA), sponsored by the Downtown Development Authority. Artists chosen by ROCFA have their work displayed in downtown Royal Oak for up to a year. 

The innovative program adds to the vibrancy of Royal Oak's downtown while giving artists a showcase for big, imaginative ideas.

2016-17 Art Explored Map

2016-17 Art Explored Map

Follow Your Art in Downtown Royal Oak

1. Bee Keeper // Alyssa Klash

2. Forest Light // Emilie Beadle

3. Hot Tamale & the Red Hots // Biz Drouiliard

4. Icicle Spirit // Paul Nilsson

5. Looking Forward // Scott Brazeau

6. Radar Love // David Petrakovitz

7. Year of the Monkey // Eric Millikin