Engineering Division

Community Development


The engineering division is responsible for the design and new construction of roads, sidewalks and major park improvements as well as traffic control and water and sewer infrastructure.  The department regulates all construction work performed in the public right-of-way, and evaluates all planned public improvement and private development impacts to public property. Engineering is also responsible for reviewing and recommending solutions to traffic and parking issues.

Site Plan Reviews and Permits

When required by City Code, City Engineer, City Commission, Planning Commission, or Zoning Board, detailed engineered site plans are submitted and reviewed by the city engineer for approval prior to beginning a project.

The engineering division also issues various permits that involve construction work in the public right-of-way, paving on commercial properties and the access or use of city utilities, as outlined in the Permits section.

Building & Development Assistance

The engineering division assists prospective developers, builders, and consulting engineers with information regarding the availability, size, and general location of all City utilities. Information can be obtained at the engineering division counter or requested via FOIA or MISS DIG design ticket. Information is also provided to residents and other interested parties as necessary at the engineering division counter.