Foods that are contaminated can make you and your family sick. They should be dealt with in the following manner:

  1. Destroy and discard all contaminated bottle and boxed foods.
  2. Canned goods (including home canned jars) may be kept if cleaned thoroughly.
  3. To clean containers:
    1. Scrub with soap and water. (Use a brush around the rim of home canned jars.)
    2. Submerge in chlorinated water for 15 minutes (1 ounce of bleach per gallon of water).
  4. Food stored in a freezer will keep for 2 days after losing power, if the freezer is full (1 day for a half-full freezer) and not opened.
  5. If your freezer cannot be started in a day or two, store food in someone else's freezer.
  6. Meat that has ice crystals may safely be refrozen. If it is only "cool feeling" it is best to cook it, and then refreeze it.
  7. Food stored in a refrigerator will keep for 4 - 6 hours after losing power, depending on how warm it is in the kitchen. Do not open the refrigerator unless absolutely necessary. You may add ice to the refrigerator if you know it will be turned on soon.
  8. Throw out anything with an unusual color, odor, or if a perishable food is above 45 Fahrenheit internally.
  9. Place discarded food in a tightly closed container until pick up or disposal.