Styrofoam Recycling

Accepted Materials

Styrofoam is now recyclable at SOCRRA only. These materials include:

  • Foam cups and containers. Cups do not need to be rinsed but must by empty.
  • Foam egg cartons.
  • Foam food trays/lunch trays. Must be rinsed off. No food remnants.
  • Most packaging foam: molded forms and shapes.
  • Rinsed, single-layer, non-perforated foam meat trays.
No Styrofoam peanuts.

Where to Go

At this time, recycling of Styrofoam is only available at the SOCRRA drop-off facility at 995 Coolidge (North of 14 Mile across from the Meijer gas station), so do not put Styrofoam in your recycling bin! No appointment is needed.