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For complete recycling information for the City of Royal Oak please visit SOCRRA’s Website. SOCRRA (Southeastern Oakland County Resource Recovery Authority) is the regional recycling authority that handles all the recyclables collected at the curb. Please check out the links below for more detailed information.
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SOCRRA Updates

Get the most up-to-date recycling information by visiting the SOCRRA website.  They have a new program called Waste Wizard which will let you know about (almost) every item and if it can be recycled.

Collection & Bin Information

The City of Royal Oak provides weekly curbside collection of recyclables which are collected on the same day as your trash and yard waste (when in season). Please have your recyclable toter/bins to the curb by 7:00 a.m. per ordinance.

Recycling must be set out in either an 18-gallon Royal Oak/SOCRRA bin or a 65-gallon toter. Residents are encouraged to use as many recycling bins/toters as necessary to accommodate their recyclables; there is no limit to how many recycling bins/toters residents may set out each week, however bins/toters can only be placed on the easement (between the sidewalk and curb).  Please separate by 2 - 3 feet as there are 3 different trucks running the city on your refuse day.  Thank you.

It Pays to Recycle

For every ton of recyclables collected in Royal Oak and delivered to SOCRRA the city earns a credit whereas the city pays to dispose of trash. Recycling helps offset the cost of trash disposal lowering the cost for the city which in turn lowers the cost for every resident.  Please recycle.