Tax Payments


The July tax bill is to be paid between July 1 and July 31 without any penalties. Beginning August 1, interest will be added at a rate of 1/2 of 1% per month.

If the taxes remain unpaid after February 29, 2024, they must be paid to the Oakland County Treasurer along with additional interest and penalties.

Can you pay in installments?

Yes! For the summer tax bill, you have the option to make two payments. The first half of the total amount must be paid by July 31. The second half payment is due by October 31.

If either the first or second half payment is late, interest will be charged on the remaining unpaid balance starting from August 1.

Pay With VISA, Master Card, Discover, American Express, or Electronic Check

Service Fees

Service fees include:

  • Credit or Debit Cards: 3.00% of the payment amount, with a minimum service fee of $2.95 per payment transaction, and a maximum payment amount per transaction of $50,000.
  • E-checks: $0 - the fee for electronic checks has been waived.

Pay Online

The Treasurer’s Office accepts online payments for Royal Oak tax bills via our processing vendor - Invoice Cloud.  When using the payment system, you will need your 12-digit Parcel ID (located on the front of the tax bill). Be sure to include the dashes (example: 72-25-00-000-000).

Pay by Telephone

To pay by telephone, dial 844-627-2396. You will need your 12-digit Parcel ID (located on the front of the tax bill). This service is provided by our processing vendor - Invoice Cloud.

Other Online Payment Options

Bill Pay Service offered through your Bank

If you use a BillPay service through your bank, please be sure that you are using your Property Identification Number (PIN) to pay your tax bill, or your Water account number if you are paying your water bill. 

  • Your payments are applied based on the account number you provide.  You must use the correct account number on your timely payments if you want to avoid late charges. 
  • If you made a payment to an incorrect account and need to have the payment moved, you will be assessed a charge for that service.  Please verify that you are using the correct account number BEFORE you make your payment. 

Pay With Check

Make your check payable to "City of Royal Oak."

Be sure to include your parcel ID & phone number on the check. Any postdated checks will be returned to the sender.

Drop Box

Two drop boxes are available for any payments you wish to make after hours. One is located near the parking lot (East) entrance to City Hall, which is located at 203 S Troy Street. A drop box is also located on Second Street, on the North side of City Hall near the Farmer's Market. 

By Mail

Send the remittance (bottom) portion of your tax statement with your check in the enclosed return envelope. The tax statement, together with your cancelled check, will serve as your receipt. If paying by mail, be sure to send your payment well in advance of the due date – payments are posted on the date received by our office. Check payments received without a remittance are subject to a $10.00 bill reprint fee.

If sending payment via USPS mail, send to: City of Royal Oak – Taxes, PO Box 64, Royal Oak, MI 48068-0064

If sending payment via courier service (FedEx or UPS), send to: City of Royal Oak - Treasurer, 203 S. Troy St, Royal Oak, MI 48067

In Person

Payments can be made in person during City Hall business hours. The cashier accepts cash, check, and credit/debit card payments. The Treasurer's Office is on the first floor in City Hall, located at 203 S Troy Street. Office hours are 8am to 4:30pm Monday through Thursday, and 8am to noon on Friday.

Missing your Tax Bill?

Tax bills are mailed to property owners in the beginning of July and December. Taxpayers who have escrow arrangements with banks or other financial institutions will receive a copy of their bill for their records. You are responsible for paying the taxes, even if you do not receive a tax bill.  If you are missing a tax bill, please visit BSA Online to view and print your bill online. If you need help accessing your information on the site, please follow these instructions to view your bill online.  

Need a receipt?

If you require a paid receipt, please visit the BSA Online and print it from the website. First time users will need to register by choosing “Register” option from the drop down list under “Currently not signed in” tab in the upper right hand corner of the web page – please refer to these instructions. In addition to tax, you will be able to search utility billing, special assessment, miscellaneous receivable, and building permit information on this website.


  • Beginning March 1st of each year, all delinquent taxes must be paid to the Oakland County Treasurer’s Office with additional interest and penalties. For additional information on the delinquent tax payment, please call Oakland County Treasurer’s office at 248-858-0611.
  • Incomplete payments and charges, such as insufficient check funds, will be subject to additional fees.