Emergency Medical Services & Advanced Life Support

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EMS / Ambulance Billing:
For all EMS/Ambulance billing questions or to pay a bill contact Accumed Billing directly at 1-888-330-5405.  

Strive for Excellence:
Through the utilization of highly trained, well equipped, highly motivated and compassionate firefighter/paramedics the ROFD provides Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to the residents and visitors of Royal Oak. All Royal Oak Firefighters are cross trained in EMS and the department staffs two (2) Advanced Life Support ambulances at all times.  
EMS Training:
The ROFD provides highly trained paramedics and EMT's. During the most recent licensing renewal period Royal Oak Firefighters on average submitted over 100 credit hours of continuing education, well above the 45 hours required by the State of Michigan.

All paramedics are trained in:
    Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
    Pediatric Education for the Pre-hospital Provider (PEPP)
    American Heart Association Basic Life Support (BLS)

The department supports in house training by firefighters licensed as EMS Instructor / Coordinators (EMS I/C's) as well as guest instructors specialized in their respective fields. The department currently employs six (6) EMS I/C's specially trained to provide continuing education to their fellow firefighter/paramedics. 
Mass Casualty Training (Royal Oak High School):
The Royal Oak Fire Department partners with Royal Oak High School annually to practice EMS response to a mass casualty event.  Students portray an overwhelming numbers of patients with varying degrees of injury while Firefighter/Paramedics practice quickly setting up an organized Triage and Transport system. Training with live actors is an invaluable experience for firefighters. They are all hoping to never respond to a real mass casualty event but are confident their training will help them handle the situation. 
Thanks to the support of the citizens of Royal Oak, the ROFD provides high quality medical equipment for its paramedics. When ever possible sterile/disposable equipment is utilized and the cleanliness of our ambulances is of paramount concern.
Residential Lock Box:
The EMS division is responsible for administering the Residential Lock Box program.

A residential lock-box is a metal box that is attached to the door of your home. A key to your house is secured inside the box and access to the box can only be obtained by a master key created specifically for the ROFD, similar to real estate boxes. This master key remains secured on Fire Department apparatus and is only accessible by ROFD Personnel. In the event of an emergency in which you are unable to open the door the Fire Department can use their master key to open the lock-box and access your house key. 

Boxes cost approximately $25, and are available at Frentz and Sons Hardware

For more information please contact:

Sidewalk CPR:
The Royal Oak Fire Department partnered with Ferndale Fire Department in 2015 to develop "Sidewalk CPR". This simplified version of "Hands-only" CPR has been taught during the Woodward Dream Cruise and to thousands of citizens during special events or civic group meetings.

For information about bringing "Sidewalk CPR" to your group or event please contact the EMS Coordinator: 248-246-3816

EMS Coordinators: (248) 246-3816
Harvey Osborne 1995 - 7/2003
Dan Allen 7/2003 - 6/2011
Mark Olsen 6/2011 - 5/2013
Joseph McDermott 5/2013 - 1/2015
Dan Phillips 1/2015 - 3/2019