What Happens When a Street Tree is Removed?

To maintain a healthy urban forest, city or 'street' trees are evaluated by certified city arborists.

Tree marked for failing

The Blue Dot

Through periodic inspection and maintenance, arborists will identify failing trees with a blue dot -- typically for one of the following reasons:

  • Storm damage/structural issue 
  • Disease/fungus 
  • Root issues 
  • Construction damage 

The 'blue dot' indicates removal at a future date-- typically within six months.

Tree stump

Tree Removal Process

Trees are removed by foresters from J.H. Hart Urban Forestry. After the tree is removed, it could take up to six months for foresters to return to grind the stump.

Within two weeks after stumping, the city will remove any excess chips left behind by the contractor.

It is the property owner's responsibility to seed or sod.

New Sreet Tree

Tree Restoration

The good news is trees removed at the direction of the city qualify for a FREE replacement tree. 

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