5.50 - Library Schedule of Fees

Subject Description Overdue Fine Maximum Fine
Overdue Materials Book Club Kits, Books (Adult & YA), Books (New), CD-Books, CDs (Spoken Non-Fiction), DVDs, Blu-Rays, Non-Feature DVDs $0.25 per day $5.00
  Books (Juvenile), CDs (Music), Magazines $0.25 per day $3.00
  One Week Watches, Express Reads, Playaways, Playaway Views, Playaway Launchpads, Story Time Together Bags, Mobile HotSpots $1.00 per day $5.00
  Repair of damaged materials $5.00  
  Replacement of lost or damaged items List price  
Fine/Fee Threshold Borrowing privileges are suspended for accounts which have accumulated a total of $15.00 in fines and fees, including bills for replacement of lost or damaged material    
Prints & Copies Black & white photo copies & prints $0.20 per page  
  Color photo copies & prints $1.00 per page  
Auditorium Rental For-Profit 3 Hours @
5 Hours @
Proof of either 501 (c) (30) certificate or State of MI non-profit Articles of Incorporation & Bylaws
3 Hours @
5 Hours @
Books Bags ROPL Book bags made of recycled material  - sold by the Friends of the Royal Oak Public Library $4.00 each/
​3 for $10.00
Library Card Resident (Full access) Free to residents  
  Non-Resident (Full access to ROPL services; not to other TLN libraries) $100.00  
  Card replacement $1.00  
Inter-Library Loan The Library Network Free  
  MelCat (ROPL card holders) Free to residents  
Miscellaneous USB Flash drives $2.00  
  Headphones or earbuds $2.00  
  Fax first page $1.75 $1.00 thereafter
  International fax first page $3.95 $3.45 thereafter
Local History and Obituary
​Requests/Reference Requests by Mail
Up to 5 pages mailed, faxed, or emailed $5.00  
  Additional pages $0.50 per page  
Adopted 6/23/09; reaffirmed 8/23/11; revised 4/18/12; revised 10/22/13; revised 3/25/14; revised 7/22/14; 8/23/16; revised 9/25/18; revised 10/22/19.