1.40 - Library Board Meetings

The Royal Oak Public Library Board holds meetings in compliance with the Michigan Open Meetings Act. Meeting notices are posted on the public information board mounted in the foyer at the front entrance of the library. The meetings are typically held in the Friends Auditorium. Alternate locations within the library facility may be used in deference to library programming; location changes will be posted.

Individuals may request that an item be placed on the Library Board meeting agenda by submitting the request in writing to the Library Director who will forward the request to the Library Board President for consideration.

The Library Board invites comments from the public during designated Public Comment at the beginning of the meeting. Speakers are limited to a presentation of five minutes during any single meeting. Upon being recognized, the individual should state his or her full name, residential address, and the topic to be discussed. Meeting observers may not speak at any other time unless specifically recognized by the presiding officer.

If your comment concerns a specific complaint or suggestion regarding library operations, you should address it with the Library Director.  If the Library Director is not able to satisfy your concern, then you should bring your concern to the Library Board.

When a person(s) becomes unruly, the president or presiding officer may declare said person(s) in the audience to be out of order and if necessary may rule that the individual(s) has forfeited the opportunity to speak further. A person(s) may be excluded from the meeting for Breach of the Peace committed at the meeting. Clapping and cheering are inappropriate.

Adopted by Library Board: 04/22/08; reaffirmed 10/28/08; 10/27/09; reaffirmed 10/25/11; reaffirmed 10/28/14.