2.10 - Monetary and Other Non-book Gifts

The Royal Oak Public Library welcomes gifts.

The Library reserves the right to evaluate, accept, reject, and dispose of gifts in accordance with the criteria applied to purchased items. No conditions may be imposed by the donor relating to non-monetary gifts made to the Library. In accepting any gift, due consideration must be given to the resources necessary to receive, maintain, and make such gifts available for use.

Gifts of technology are rarely accepted unless they are equal to or better than the Library’s current standard and accepting them does not adversely affect the Library.

When receiving an offer of a non-monetary gift that is unusual or different from regularly accepted gifts, the Library Director may defer acceptance of the gift pending approval of the Library Board. When the Library accepts a cash gift (unless the donor indicates it is for the Memorial or Gift Book Program), the donation will be added to the Library’s donation fund.

Approved 10/24/00; rev. 5/25/04; rev. 6/27/06; 01/22/08; reaffirmed 2/23/10; revised 2/22/11; reaffirmed 4/26/16; reaffirmed 4/25/17; revised 2/22/22.