Why Does My Street Flood When It Rains?

Here are five things you should know about temporary ponding on residential streets after it rains.

1: City sewers can only handle a certain amount of flow, and when sewers are overloaded, they can back-up into residents’ basements.

2: To avoid this problem, the city uses catch basin covers that limit how fast water can enter the sewer system. 

Catch Basins


3: These restricted catch basin covers cause temporary ponding on residential streets during rain storms. 

4: The ponded water is typically less than 12 inches deep at the edge of the road. This allows vehicles to drive through the center of the road (with caution) where the water depth is less deep.

5: Because the restricted catch basin covers have only two or four openings (slots), it is easy for leaves, grass clippings, debris, etc. to clog the openings and cause excess street flooding. If you see a clogged cover, you can help your entire street by clearing the debris!