Water Service

The Water Service Division has three full-time employees and one supervisor, who oversees the Water Service, Water Maintenance and Sewer Divisions. There are approximately 23,500 water meters within Royal Oak’s water system for which the Division is responsible.

Some of the functions of the Water Service Division are as follows:

  • 24-hour emergency call-out for leaking water meters
  • Cross-Connection inspections (contracted to HydroCorp, 248-250-5000)
  • Installing new water meters
  • Investigating possible water service leaks
  • Performing investigations on high water bills
  • Reading water meters for billing
The Water Service Division, additionally, has a meter testing and replacement program. The division is presently in the process of installing the outside reading devices where possible. There is no additional cost to the homeowner for the installation of these outside reading devices.

The Water Service Division is presently converting older remote readers to a newer style as well. This will help with our new computerized reading system.

For appointments to inquire about your water bill or to change service call 248-246-3160. For additional information regarding your water service, please call the Royal Oak Water Service Division at 248-246-3300.
1954 photo of Well House No. 1 located at 4715 Cooper.