Community Policing


The Community Policing Office conducts crime prevention programs and school liaison activities. Crime prevention and safety presentations for local organizations can be arranged by request.

Community Cooperation

The Community Policing Office also works with Neighborhood Watch Groups. The National Night Out is an annual event designed to strengthen our neighborhoods through police-community partnerships. The goal is to heighten crime and drug prevention awareness, and build support and participation in our local Neighborhood Watch groups. If you are interested in starting a neighborhood watch group contact our office.
  1. Auto Theft Prevention

    We have provided a few things the vehicle owner/driver can do to deter their vehicle from theft.

  2. Children & the Law

    We compiled resources for parents including community resources and phone numbers, and a helpful brochure.

  3. Crime Prevention - Business

    Learn how to prevent crimes around your place of business by following these easy tips.

  4. Identity Theft

    Identity theft is when a thief steals an individuals’ identity by stealing credit cards, checks, bank accounts and personal information, such as Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers and employment histories.

  5. Jury Duty Scam

    Protect yourself from this scam.

  6. Online Safety

    We’ve heard a lot about the dangers of Internet use and how the law is working to combat these risks, but what can parents do? A lot.