The Highway Division is responsible for a variety of operations related to street maintenance.


This category covers all street repairs such as patching chuckholes, grading gravel streets, repairing concrete and asphalt streets, and any miscellaneous activity connected with highway maintenance.

Signs, Guardrails & Painting

This category includes the installation, removal, and repair of regulatory, warning and guide signs throughout the City of Royal Oak. Street painting is also under this heading and covers crosswalks, parking lots, and intersection markings (center-line and lane designation is done by a contractor). Guardrail installation and repair are also maintained in this division.

Winter Maintenance

This category includes salting major streets and local intersections when conditions warrant. Major streets are also plowed if a sufficient amount of snow has fallen to cause hazardous driving conditions. If four inches of snow accumulates, local streets are plowed on a 24-hour basis until all streets are cleared. A major budget item in this area is the purchase of salt. Approximately 4,500 tons of salt is used in this operation each year. View snow emergency information online, or call 248-246-3442.