Fire Safety Tips That Every Household Should Know

The Department sponsors ongoing Fire Safety Education Presentations. If someone would like to schedule a presentation for their business or organization, call the Fire Marshall or Fire Inspector at 248-246-3810.

Fire Safety Tips

  1. Careless Smoking

    If you are a smoker, follow these tips to avoid fire hazards.

  2. Cooking Safety

    Practice safe cooking by keeping these tips in mind.

  3. Electrical Hazards

    Avoid these hazards to prevent an electrical fire in your home.

  4. Install Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors / Alarms

    Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors can alert you to danger in your home in time for you to escape, even if you are sleeping.

  5. Plan a Fire Drill & Escape Routes

    Prepare for a fire emergency by sitting down with your family and agreeing on an escape plan. A well prepared escape plan helps to avoid panic and may save your lives.

  6. Reacting to Burn Hazards

    Practice these techniques to protect yourself when you come in contact with a fire.

  7. Space Heaters

    Space heaters are handy appliances, but they can cause fires if not used properly.

  8. Storage of Combustibles

    Learn about proper storage of combustibles such as gasoline.