Code Enforcement


Code Enforcement is responsible for enforcing city ordinances that address commercial and residential property maintenance, merchant licensing, and public health and safety issues. This function is under the direct supervision of the Chief Building Official. Enforcement Officers perform field inspections of residences and businesses in Royal Oak to monitor adherence to property maintenance and public health codes.


Thousands of complaints are received each year ranging from abandoned vehicles, tall weeds, illegal fences, and zoning violations. The department also performs inspections prior to the issuance of Initial Merchant licenses, liquor licenses, and licenses for enterprises such as hotels, motels, service stations, theaters, video games and rental housing.
We've compiled an overview of some the most common enforcement issues.
  • Temporary Signs (call for information)
  • Tall Grass and Weeds (call for information)
  • Vehicles and Trailers (call for information)
  • Rodent Prevention (PDF)
  • Home Businesses (call for information)
  • Garbage Storage (call for information)
  • Fences and Privacy Screens (call for information)