Funding Requirements

Eligible program participants for the ARPA program must meet ARPA guidelines according to the Treasury Final Rule and 2 CFR 200.

Organizations must meet the following criteria to be eligible for financial assistance from the City of Royal Oak (Individuals are not eligible to apply directly for funding):

Eligibility CriteriaDescription
Nonprofit StatusGrants may be awarded only to nonprofit agencies, chartered by the State of Michigan, that have federal tax‐exempt 501(C) (3) status and can provide a letter from the IRS.
Non-DiscriminationGrants may be awarded only to agencies that certify they will comply with the City's non-discrimination policy, a clause in the contract between the City and an agency.
AccessibilityApplicant agencies must demonstrate that programs, facilities, and projects will be accessible to people with disabilities.
Organizational StewardshipThe organizations are encouraged to have year‐round managerial leadership and an active board of directors that is reflective of the community it serves.
Financial ControlsThe applicant agency must have an adequate financial management system in place to maintain effective control and accountability over all funds, property, and other assets. Sufficient backup documentation is required in order to be reimbursed for eligible expenses.
Complete ApplicationThe application is submitted by the grant deadline, is accurate and all components of application are provided.
Maximum Funding LevelThe maximum level of funding that can be requested by a nonprofit agency is 25 percent of the agency’s total actual operating expenses for the last completed fiscal year.
Two Categories PolicyNonprofit agencies can be awarded funding in only two grant categories for a total award of $50,000 maximum. Please note: Individuals are not eligible to apply directly for funding.

All entities applying for the NOF ARPA grant program must demonstrate:

  1. The negative economic impact of COVID-19
  2. How the program they are applying for funding is addressing the impacts of COVID-19
  3. 501(C)3 Organization must be registered with

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