How will the new City Hall benefit residents?
  • The new City Hall will serve as a functioning space to conduct all city operations and help improve customer service for Royal Oak residents. The new building will place related functions together to encourage more collaboration amongst departments and to serve the public more efficiently. It will provide a community room on the first floor available to residents, with improved audio and video quality for city meetings. The new buildings will reduce energy costs, provide new and improved meeting spaces, viable heating and AC systems and ADA compliance.

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1. How did this Royal Oak development project come to fruition?
2. How will this project be paid for?
3. What is the cost to taxpayers? Will taxes increase?
4. Will the public be invited to give input/feedback on the new park?
5. Can't the facility issues with City Hall and the police station be fixed? Why not just repair the existing building?
6. How will the new City Hall benefit residents?
7. Will parking spaces be lost?
8. Will the police monitor the new structure?
9. Where will handicap individuals and senior citizens park?
10. Are businesses closing because of the development?
11. Who owns the 11 Mile parking garage?
12. How many handicap parking spots will be in the 11 Mile parking garage?