Will parking spaces be lost?

This development is projected to result in a net increase in available parking spaces  because the project  includes a parking structure with 450 new spaces.  (See table below.)

The office building tenants will use a great deal of those spaces between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.  However, they will use very few in the evenings and weekends, which is when the city has a parking shortfall in the area.   The city will gain parking during the hours that it needs more parking evenings and on the weekends.

Impact of Proposed City Hall and Police Building on Farmers Market Parking

Existing Parking Lot
Spaces when city bought farmer's market217 
Spaces prior to 2015 addition338 
Spaces today428 

Impact of Proposed Police Building
Spaces lost for building(84)
New spaces in police lot 36 
Net change due to Police Building(48)

Impact of Proposed City Hall
Spaces lost for building(85)
Spaces used by city vehicles(22)
Additional parking on Troy Street50 
Net change due to City Hall(57)

Impact of New Parking Structure
Spaces planned in new structure450 
Spaces lost in library lot(116)
Spaces lost in City Hall lot(115)
Spaces needed on weekend mornings by office bld.(25)
Net additional parking from structure194 

Net Change in Farmers Market Parking
Net increase in available parking over current89 
Total number of spaces517 
Percentage increase over current20.8%
Percentage increase over 201553.0%
Percentage increase over original138.2%

If Downtown Development Authority Adds Two Floors
DDA will consider adding one or two floors at DDA expense to the structure.  Assuming two:
Additional parking spaces225 
Net Increase in available parking over current314 
Total number of spaces742 
Percentage increase over current73.4%
Percentage increase over 2015119.5%
Percentage increase over original241.9%

Impact on surface parking (not including parking structure spaces)
Spaces Today428 
Police Net(48)
City Hall Net(57)
Put city vehicles in structure on weekends22 
Net  change(83)

Total spaces available345 
Percentage reduction from current-19.4%
Percentage increase over 20152.1%
Percentage increase over original59.0%

Surface parking would be reduced from current by 19% but overall parking would increase by as much as 73%
This is more surface parking than the city had at the market in 2015 and an almost 120% increase in total parking.
This is 59% more surface parking than the city had when it took over the market and a 242% increase in total parking.

Note:  This analysis is not including other near by privately owned parking lots and structure or other city owned lots and structures.  The Emagine facility is less than two blocks away.  The Center Street structures are only three blocks away.  The city also has other nearby surface lots.  This is closer than many, if not most,  Eastern Market customers park. 

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1. Where are we at with this development?
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5. What are the possible sites for City Hall?
6. Was combining City Hall with the police station ever considered?
7. Did you ever consider sites outside of the Central Business District?
8. Will general parking fees across the downtown have to be raised to meet debt service for a new deck?
9. What is the cost to the taxpayer for this development?
10. Why are there are not going to be public open bids since taxpayers’ bond risk is funding?
11. How come the city is not bringing in multiple companies and citizens to present alternative proposals to be debated?
12. Will the public be invited to give input/feedback on the new central park?
13. How will construction costs of a park be paid for, and does the city have enough revenue to pay for maintenance costs once it is built, without a parks millage?
14. Will parking spaces be lost?
15. Where will the physically disabled and senior citizens park?