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Rosemary Mirsky

Rosemary Mirsky, a member of the Royal Oak Public Library, went above and beyond to build a valued relationship with one of her patrons. According to her nomination:

“I love my Royal Oak Public Library. For all of the wonderful books, films, classes, programs. But the core of my affiliation, it's the people, especially the kind, funny, smart, and dedicated Rosemary Mirsky. She spoils me by paying careful attention to the books I like. She cares about how I am doing. She extends herself to me in friendship, celebrating the good and commiserating the bad. She is the heart and soul of my sense of belonging. I admire her integrity, enjoy her sense of humor, and value her honesty. She is a treasure and deserves to be recognized for sticking to values that don't scream look-at-me. She quietly works hard to our benefit, and never, ever toots her own horn. There is something to be said for that. Thank you, Rosemary, for bringing richness and joy to the simple task of looking for a book. With love and gratitude, Janet L. Armil.”

The Customer Centric Culture Team was impressed by the clear appreciation and affection Ms. Armil has for Rosemary’s assistance and friendship. Her positive attitude and ability to connect with patrons is a clear asset to the library and to the city. Thank you for your service, Rosemary!


Theresa Sobocinski

Theresa Sobocinski, a member of the Royal Oak Department of Public Services, went out of her way to provide both internal and external customer service. According to her nomination,

 “In the City Manager's office, we often get calls regarding city departments other than our own.  In this particular instance, I received a call from a resident with a complaint about a public service. I didn't immediately know the answer, so I called over to DPS to see if I could find a solution. Theresa answered my call, took my question, and explained in detail why the resident was having trouble. Without hesitation, Theresa offered to give the resident a call back so I didn't have to repeat what she had just told me. A few minutes later, Theresa called me back to confirm that she had followed up with the resident.  Theresa displayed exceptional customer service--both externally, by assisting the resident, and internally, by educating me on city services. While it is always a pleasure to work with Theresa through employee teams and the occasional resident call, this particular instance stood out to me. Thank you!”

Our team was impressed that Theresa was able to provide great service and education to both her internal and external customers. With constant work and calls it is easy to simply answer a resident’s question and move on. Theresa took the extra time to educate a city management fellow on city services so they could better answer questions in the future, and provided them the comfort of knowing a resident they initially spoke with received the information asked for. Thank you for your service, Theresa!