Make the Smart Move

Delivered 100 postcards to each of the 13 florists in Royal Oak. They were asked to include each card with the corsage/boutinere orders that went out during prom and graduation times. The cards encouraged kids to leave drugs and alcohol out and to celebrate safely. There was also a 24 hour crisis line given by the Common Ground Sanctuary for teens that don't have an immediate emergency, but might need someone to talk to about issues that took place on prom night or during graduation.

Addiction Seminar

Met with all of the 9th grade Royal Oak High School seniors to discuss the dangers of drugs and how they hijack the brain. Chris Sherve, counselor and teacher from the University of Phoenix, presented a slide show of a brain's activity when on drugs and the after affects. In addition, the school law enforcement liaison, Al Carter, was also brought it to warn the kids of the ramifications of carrying other people's prescription drugs and to show them that it is a felony charge and will not be taken lightly.

Guys in Training

A day just for middle school boys at the YMCA. Interactive workshops were offered such as power tool safety (ACE Hardware), karate, teen weight training (YMCA Volunteers) and basketball clinic (Royal Oak High School Coaches). Mini-prevention themed presentations were made throughout the day by Beaumont Hospital, Dr. Gustafson, SAYES Players and YMCA.

Two Family Fun Nights

Interactive family focused learning stations on developmental assets and resilience skill building were held for upper elementary and middle school students.

Two Smoking Cessation Programs

The programs were held in partnership with Beaumont Hospital and Royal Oak Chamber of Commerce: Don’t Quit Quitting and Head into a Healthier Summer.

Great American Smoke Out

Partnered with local restaurants to offer a smoke free environment.

Connecting the Community

Community Leader and Youth Dialogue Day — One hundred and sixty middle and high school students along with community leaders and adults met for a full day to exchange ideas on issues that are relevant for our teens in sustaining and strengthening a safe and healthy community.

Methamphetamine 101

Five community-wide presentations were made to raise awareness of this highly addictive drug and action steps to be taken for parents and community members. Posters, pamphlets for teens were distributed and a Letter to Parents was included in the PTSA newsletter and website ROHS marketing class created a table top display.

Unleash the Power of the Positive Social Norm Approach

Dr. Jeff Linkenbach, Director of “Most of Us”, social norms project: presented information on how to apply positive social norms
promotional campaign concepts to support a healthy community.

Second Hand Smoke

A massive campaign for incoming kindergarten families, encourages a smoke-free home/car environment to curb student absenteeism that impacts academics achievement.

Curbing Underage Access to Alcohol

The three month initiative includes:
  • Volunteers and officers of the police department visit 113 alcohol and tobacco retailers to provide ID Checking Guides, Sticker Shock window clings, Tobacco Retailer Education Kits and 25% discounts on the purchase of an ID electronic scanner.
  • Parents Who Host Lose The Most: Don’t Be a Party to Underage Drinking. All parents of senior high school students receive a co-authored letter by the police department, middle and high school principals that warn of graduation time dangers. The direct mailing included the Fact Card and a How to Host a Party brochure.
  • Themed letter to parents were distributed on How to Talk to Your Child about Alcohol, and Keeping Your Child Safe During Graduation Time.
  • Managers of Hotel/Motel received a letter and placard from the Coalition and Police Department to remind them of the area high school gradation time and the serious legal consequences of teen drinking parties.
  • Special one-day liquor license initiative to compliment the special events kit managed by our Police Department. We provided: Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving coasters and napkins. We purchased a portable ID Scanner and the annual data base updates.

Family Dinner

Eight of our local grocery stores and restaurants joined the Coalition to spread the word that sharing family mealtime helps families stay connected and has a significant impact on the lifestyle choices our children make.

Family Movie Night / "Pay It Forward"

OUR Credit Union co-sponsored a family movie night that included pre-show activities: D.J. Valdez skateboarding talents, Club PRIDE, and stage show. Community service groups provided giveaways and prevention information.

Recovery Month

In partnership with Community Media Network Cable TV, we coordinated ten 10-12 minute interviews with area treatment agencies, highlighting their services, fee structures, locations.

Presentations, Trainings & Information Dissemination

Monthly newsletters, classroom presentations, research and technical assistance, attended numerous health fairs, curriculum nights, purchased classroom curriculum's & posters, coordinated 15 educational training opportunities, held teen leadership training, circulated table top display boards, Letters to Parents on drug trends, utilize public information systems for message delivery.

Public Policy & Advocacy Actions

Participated in 18 national and state wide prevention campaigns. Updated “Your Child and the Law and Party Hosting Brochure”.

Data Collection

Conducted four community wide surveys; Teen alcohol, tobacco and other drug use, Community Readiness, Parenting Profile and Social Norm perception.