Mission, Values, & Vision

What we do: Mission:

The Royal Oak Civic Foundation improves the city’s health, safety, and cultural opportunities by inspiring the philanthropy of residents and business leaders to support a thriving, resilient community.

How we do it: Our Core Values

• Collaboration - We seek to maximize impact by incorporating diverse community stakeholders’ feedback, expertise, and resources.

• Creativity- We encourage imaginative and innovative solutions to foster positive changes in our community.

• Integrity - We operate transparently with the highest level of professional and ethical behavior in our endeavors and encourage the spirit of generosity.

• Respect and Equity - We operate justly, without discrimination, to ensure equitable access to all. We celebrate the unique attributes of individuals and treat each other with sensitivity and respect.

• Strategy - We engage in strategic thinking that allows for efficient planning, objective data driven decisions, and nimbleness to meet community needs.

Desired Outcome: Vision Statement

Royal Oak: Where everyone thrives