Millage Information

Two local millage proposals will appear on the Nov. 8 ballot. Facts about each proposal are listed below.

  1. Parks, Forestry, Recreation, Playgrounds & Animal Shelter Millage
  2. Senior Services Millage

Why a Parks, Forestry, Recreation, Playgrounds & Animal Shelter Millage?

If passed, this dedicated millage will provide a sustained funding source to be used for park maintenance operations and improvements at the city’s 350+ acres of parkland.  

How will millage funds be invested?

  • In addition to operations, the funds will be used to make improvements at parks and facilities, as informed by the ongoing Parks and Recreation Master Plan process.
  • Annually, $500,000 will be dedicated to making improvements to existing playscapes, athletic fields, landscaping, and sustainability features.
  • The millage will be used to assist with the operations and staffing needs of the Royal Oak Animal Shelter.

How Much does it cost?

0.7 Mills annually, if approved by voters

How much does it generate?

The millage is expected to generate approximately $2.175 million annually for a period of five years and will be used exclusively for parks, forestry, recreation, playgrounds and the Royal Oak Animal Shelter.

How does the math work?

Residents will be taxed .0007 cents for every dollar of  taxable value of property.

0.7 mills =.7/1000 of a dollar or $.0007 cents

EXAMPLE: A home worth $100,000 taxable value would pay $70 per year if this millage is approved by voters.


Courts, ball fields, playgrounds? What do they cost?

Basketball Court (roughly 580 SQ YD) = $81,460 

  • Pavement Removal = $7,500 
  • Concrete = $35,960 
  • Court Surface Tile = $29,000 

Tennis Court (roughly 860 SQ YD) = $133,740 

  • HMA Paving & Aggregate Base = $57,620 
  • Tennis Court Posts & Net = $3,900 
  • Tennis Court Color Surfacing = $8,170 
  • Tennis Court Chain Link Fence w/Gates = $43,000 
  • Tennis Court Concrete Curb Edge = $10,800 
  • Black Vinyl Chain Link Fence, 4’ Height = $10,250 

Playground: Equipment = $80,000 - $200,000

Baseball Field = $118,500 

  • Infield Mix (Washington Ball Mix) = $36,500 
  • Backstop, benches and fencing = $82,000 Est. 

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