We invite you to reimagine your downtown experience and “Rethink” Royal Oak as we embark on an exciting new development project to build a new city hall, police station, downtown park, private office building and 581-space parking deck. The project will transform the downtown area to a gathering place for the entire city as well as provide necessary updates to buildings designed more than 60 years ago.

There will be a variety of updates and new details to share with you throughout the process including changes to the current parking options. We’ve created this page to keep you up-to-date with all aspects of the project and provide you with the best parking solutions as we await our new downtown. Follow project updates on our social media channels using the hashtag #RethinkRO. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at rethinkro@romi.gov for more information.


The Rethink Royal Oak development, which includes a new park, parking garage, City Hall and police station, is progressing.

The 11 Mile Parking Garage is open as of June 1, 2019.

The parking lots south and east of the Farmers Market are now closed, as construction is underway for the new City Hall and Police Station (both projected to complete in 2020). Please note the Royal Oak Farmers Market is not closing – it will remain open all throughout construction. The hours and availability of the Farmers Market will not be impacted by the development. All scheduled activities and events are still happening during construction. Now available:

• FREE valet parking on Saturday for the Farmers Market.

• Large strolling shopping baskets for customers to store while they pull their car around, and volunteers to help customers with curbside loading and unloading.

• FREE parking for Market patrons at Superior Fish (40 spaces) during Market hours on Saturday.

• A new entrance to the west Farmers Market parking lot on 11 Mile for customers.

• 23 new on-street parking spaces on Third Street east of Troy.

• The P4 lot, which was created between the library and the police station with 20 spaces and additional handicap spaces.

Parking Decks


Henry Ford Health System will occupy the new Royal Oak City Center once the building is completed in 2020. The six-story, 145,000 square foot, high-tech outpatient medical center is expected to attract thousands of unique visitors annually to Royal Oak. Learn more here: Henry Ford Health System moving into new Royal Oak City Center


The Royal Oak Civic Center project consists of five public projects within the current city hall site and private Class A office building.

Watch Proposed City Hall Presentation

City Officials presented plans for the proposed police station facility in a Facebook Live presentation. If you missed it, you can watch the presentation by clicking on any of the following links. 

Watch on Facebook

Watch on YouTube

If you have questions for the chief regarding the presentation, please email them to judyd@romi.gov.