3.10 - Auditorium and Meeting/Study Room Policy

General Rules for all Meeting Rooms 

  1. Royal Oak Public Library (ROPL) programs and library affiliated groups shall have priority in use of the facilities.
  2. ROPL study rooms and the Friends Auditorium, are available to groups engaged in educational, cultural, intellectual, civic, or charitable activities. They are not available for private functions, such as birthday parties, wedding receptions or family reunions.
  3. Rooms are available for use only during the library's open hours.
  4. Library staff are not able to assist with moving furniture.
  5. The room must be vacated no less than fifteen (15) minutes before the library closes and all group members must exit the library by closing time.
  6. Activities in the meeting facilities may not disrupt other patrons.
  7. The library will not provide storage space.
  8. Users who fail to return the meeting facilities to the same condition as they found them are liable for any and all cleaning or damage.
  9. Use of the meeting facilities does not constitute an endorsement of the users or their activities by the ROPL or the City of Royal Oak.
  10. The ROPL and the City of Royal Oak are not liable for injury or damage sustained by individuals or groups while using the facilities.
  11. The ROPL reserves the right to monitor any use of any of its facilities.
  12. The ROPL reserves the right to cancel meeting room use for any reason.
  13. Use/Rental of the library meeting rooms does not include library generated publicity such as information on the library’s website and listing on the library’s calendar.
  14. Users specifically agree to indemnify and defend the ROPL, the City of Royal Oak and its employees for any action resulting from use of the facilities by users.
  15. Violations of any of these provisions by the users constitute a material breach of this agreement.
  16. Users’ sole remedy in case of breach of this agreement by ROPL or the City of Royal Oak is a refund of any user fee.
  17. Users must comply with the Library Code of Conduct.
  18. All users shall comply with all city ordinances, state or federal laws, and library policies. Fire prevention regulations include but are not limited to the following:
    • Use of open flames is prohibited.
    • Extension cords cannot have exposed wire and must be UL approved.
    • No combustible decorations are allowed.
    • Friends Auditorium capacity is limited to forty-nine (49) persons per the Royal Oak Fire Department.

Rules Governing the Use of the Auditorium

  1. Use of the Friends Auditorium may be scheduled no more than six (6) months in advance. Prior use does not entitle applicants to future use.
  2. The Library Board shall set fees for use of the Friends Auditorium. Payment is due with return of the reservation form signed by an adult. Payment confirms the reservation.
  3. Groups may reserve the Friends Auditorium.
  4. Preference is given to Royal Oak residents.
  5. Minors (under age eighteen {18}) may use the Friends Auditorium only when an adult sponsor is present.
  6. Persons renting the Friends Auditorium shall advise persons in attendance that the program is not sponsored by the City of Royal Oak or the Royal Oak Public Library. The library director or the director’s designee may require that this notice be provided by suitable signage at the entrance to the Friends Auditorium.
  7. Persons renting the Friends Auditorium shall indemnify and hold harmless the Royal Oak Public Library and the City of Royal Oak from any liability or claims of liability arising from the use of the Friends Auditorium by the renter.
  8. The reservation of the Friends Auditorium does not entitle or allow any users the sole use of any other room in the library.

Rules Governing the Use of Group Study Rooms and the Small Conference Room

  1. Study rooms and the small conference room may be booked in advance by calling the library, by using library-offered websites, software or apps, or requested on a walk-in basis by inquiring at the Library Circulation desk.
  2. Study rooms can accommodate one (1) to four (4) people. The small conference room can accommodate two (2) to eight (8) people. Library staff are not able to assist with moving furniture or using equipment.
  3. Library sponsored groups have priority. Study rooms may be reserved for a maximum of two (2) hours per day, and the small conference room can be reserved for a maximum of 4 hours per day.  If no other groups are scheduled, users can remain in the room until the room is needed by another user. 
  4. There is no fee for the use of study rooms or the small conference room.
  5. Study rooms must be vacated fifteen (15) minutes before the library’s closing.
  6. Furniture and folding wall partitions must not be moved, unless arrangements have been made in advance for library/city approved meetings.
  7. The Royal Oak Public Library reserves the right to refuse or deny access to group study rooms or the small conference room.

Rules Governing the Use of the Individual Silent Room

  1. The silent study room is available to individuals reading or studying independently.
  2. Cell phone calls and conversations are prohibited in the silent study room.
  3. The silent study room may not be reserved or scheduled in advance.
  4. Assistance with noise complaints may be requested by speaking to the staff at any service desk. 

Adopted by the Royal Oak Public Library Board on September 22, 1998; rev. 2/23/99; rev. 8/24/99; rev. 11/28/00; rev. 01/23/01; rev. 07/22/03; rev. 5/25/04; rev. 12/28/05; 02/28/06; 06/27/06; 05/27/08; revised 06/23/09; reviewed 3/23/2010; reviewed 3/22/11; revised 3/27/12; revised 03/25/2014; reaffirmed 06/28/16; revised 10/25/16; revised 3/27/18; revised 9/25/2018; revised 07/27/21; revised 5/24/22; revised 1/24/23; revised 1/23/24.